Saturday, September 26, 2009

Abandoned Kitten Yearning For A Little Warmth And Love

Kindly contact me if you are interested in adopting this kitten.

He is the baby of Mother Cat. He is also the only surviving kitten of the three. What happened to the other two? I have no idea.

I used to feed both the mother and kitten side by side. Sometimes, they ate from the same container. It was rather heart-warming to see them filled with so much TLC (tender, love and care).

Now that the Mother Cat is pregnant again, she would hiss at the poor kitten if he tries to get near her. Luckily she is not hostile towards him. I could see the yearning in him to receiving a little warmth and love from his mother which he misses so much as he runs about and around her. However, the fear of being hissed prevented him from getting close to her. I had no choice but to feed them separately, far from each other.

The Mother Cat’s tummy grew bigger by the days, and the need to protect her unborn babies increased. Finally, she abandoned her almost two months old kitten completely, leaving him all alone at the rubbish dump to fend for itself.

I could tell how hungry he was each time I went to feed him. He whined and whimpered as he gobbled his biscuits. Then he would stop eating, meow melancholy, ran about, in and out of the rubbish dump several times looking for his mother. I was quite certain that he was calling for the Mother Cat to join him in his meal. Each meow he uttered, I replied soothingly. His cries totally wrenched my heart.

The poor kitten is now suffering from mange. It is getting from worst to bad as the mange is attacking both his ears and hind paws. It is no surprise as he lives in the rubbish dump, sleeps in the rubbish dump, eats in the rubbish dump and drinks in the rubbish dump. For now, all I can do is to include vitamins in his meals. Hopefully, it will build up his immune system.

Once I gain his confidence, I am sure he would allow me to get close to him, to touch him and eventually to hold him. Then, I would be able to take him to the vet for treatment.