Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where Is My Mommy?

I was walking to the sundry shop when the sharp cries of a kitten caught my attention. I searched for the kitten by following the direction where the cries came from, and found this grey coloured kitten curled at the corner of the back of a Thai Muslim restaurant.

Thinking that he must be starving, I bought a can of wet food for him. I scooped some out from the can and gave it to him. He sniffed it but refused to eat. His cries were getting very loud, almost deafening to the ears. Perhaps, he was afraid of me and finding himself defenseless, he cried for his mommy’s help. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any female cat answered his cries.

The pictures clearly shown the kitten was searching for his mommy - nervously. Fearing that I might scare the life out of him, I packed everything and left him alone. That was the first and the last time I saw him at the Thai Muslim restaurant.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


These pictures were taken by my brother in Penang, at a building not too far away from his office. According to him, these kittens were abandoned by their owners because almost every day, weeks old kittens were dumped there. I believe that particular place/building has become a dumping ground of unwanted kittens by cruel and irresponsible owners.

My brother told me some of the kittens were really cute, beautiful, adorable and friendly, as you can see from the pictures.

Some of them were weak and sick and were down with diseases or mange. It was so heart breaking to look at all these cuties being cruelly treated.

According to him, some of the kittens which he used to see every day were not there anymore. Both of us hope they were adopted by some kind pet lovers. But, I can’t deny the fact that some of them met with tragedy, killed by speeding cars, or by some territorial adult cats and/or dogs.

I honestly wish that pet owners would stop abandoning their pets’ litters and send their pets for castration to avoid breeding - the least they could do!