Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Can You Help To Neuter These Homeless Cats?

How can I help?

I have always wanted to use my work of art to do charity ~ to help the underprivileged, to help the needy, to help the poor homeless animals especially.

But I alone can’t possibly make it happen, without the assistance of others who share the same sentiment as I do.

Therefore, I wish to appeal to your kindness and support in assisting me to neutering these homeless cats which I feed on a regular basis. As you know the cost of neutering is rather high, I may not be able to afford to neuter all of them. Hence, your assistance is most welcomed.

How can you help?

By purchasing these hand-painted stones, the fund accumulated will be used to neuter these cats.

OWL - RM48






1. You may also view the hand-painted stones by visiting
2. The number of cats to be neutered depends on the sale of the hand-painted stones.
3. Receipts issued by the vet will be published in this blog. If you wish, you may call up the vet for verification.

How to make payment?

You may make payment via fund transfers through ATM. Kindly email me at for bank account details.

Once payment is made, please email me
by leaving:

- your name,
- contact no.,
- address,
- your chosen hand-painted stones


The hand-painted stone will then be delivered to you by hand/post.


Kindly contact me if you have any queries or need further clarifications.

Heartfelt Thank You

Last but not least, thanking you in advance for your kind deeds. It will make a positive difference to the lives of some of these homeless cats.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Miss Brown’s Adoption And The Spaying of Miss Orange

The thought of seeing Miss Brown and Miss Orange getting pregnant and giving birth over and over again was enough to make my heart sank entirely.

However, I was told by a restaurant worker that Miss Brown has been adopted by someone who frequents the Mamak restaurant. I hope the worker was right on Miss Brown being adopted. I honestly pray that she is well taken care of and loves by her new family.
As for Miss Orange, some kind Samaritans took her away, got her spayed and released her back at the Mamak restaurant. I was very happy for her.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Notorious Black Cat

He is not one of the cats I feed on daily basis. He is not a cat from this vicinity but he made it his home now. But he knows this is the right place to come to when he needs to mate. He is the cause of Miss Brown’s and Miss Orange’s pregnancies.

He declares himself the big brother of this area although he is a new cat in town. He got rid off of all the adult male cats. No male kittens got away from his brutal paws too. He was the one who attacked the poor kitten which had to be put to sleep due to broken spine and leg.

I got very upset with him and stopped feeding him now.