Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweetie Pie Lost Her Newborn Babies

I took these pictures of Sweetie Pie on 2 Feb 2010. She was very much pregnant. I was at the TNB staircase looking for Greyie and Snowie when she suddenly appeared, meowing at me at the top of her lungs.
I gave her biscuits, which she gladly ate. I could tell she was very hungry and thirsty, exhausted too. Luckily, I have drinking water for her as well.
A week or two later, I found her looking for food outside the sundry shop. She had safely given birth to her babies. Secretly, I tailed her from behind for I wanted to know where she kept her newborn babies.
I was quite glad to know that she had chosen the Mamak restaurant which had been close down for a couple of years as a haven for her babies. Through the broken wooden door, she crept inside the former restaurant. And, I was sure the babies would be safe there.
Then, I was away for a few weeks. And when I came back, I was horrified to see Sweetie Pie’s haven was turned into a restaurant by a Thai Muslim family. I was positively certain that the babies were thrown away either by the contractor or the family when they cleaned and renovated the place.
I saw Sweetie Pie wandering about outside the restaurant, and I caught her sleeping outside at times. Perhaps, she was still hoping to find her babies there.
I felt terribly sorry for her.