Friday, December 3, 2010

Where Are Snowie Babies?

This was Snowie’s third pregnancy.

I had not seen her babies from the first two pregnancies and had no idea where she hid them. And, I had the slightest idea as to what had happened to all her babies. The security guard whom I always talk to told me that he saw Snowie’s babies from the first pregnancy for only once or twice. My gut feeling told me that she was inexperienced in nursing her babies and eventually lost all of them. I didn’t want to think it was possibly due to inhumane acts of the human race.

I came back from my short trip and found her pregnant. The moment she saw me, she meowed as she ran toward me. She purred softly when I caressed her. I could tell that she was very happy to see me as she walked all around me, rubbing her head and body against both my feet and hands.

My friend offered to bring some biscuits and water down from the apartment in order for me to feed her. Both Snowie and I went to the TNB area, our Secret Rendez-vous, where she happily ate her biscuits. I filled the empty container with fresh water, not only for her consumption but for all cats. I spent some quality time with her and I could tell she missed to be loved.

Then, I lost sight of her for few days. The workers from the Thai Muslim Restaurant had no idea where she went to when I asked them about her. All I could do was to pray for her safety. But one fine day, I found her begging for food from some of the patrons of the Thai Muslim Restaurant. She had given birth, and she was so frail and skinny. I took some biscuits and fresh water for her. How delighted she was to see me!

I began to enquire about her kittens and was truly happy to hear from one of the Thai Muslim Restaurant workers that Snowie hides her newborns at a deserted corner inside the restaurant. And, I was very thankful for their generousity toward her. I was told that every morning when he came to work, he could hear the cries of the kittens. I continued feeding her until I had to leave town for a week.

When I came back to my apartment, I ordered food from the Thai Muslim Restaurant and requested it to be delivered. The worker who delivered my food informed me that Snowie has four beautiful kittens, and they are very, very cute. I have not seen them but I couldn’t wait to have a look at them and Snowie.

I hope she will learn to nurse her babies and keep them away from harm and danger.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where Is My Mommy?

I was walking to the sundry shop when the sharp cries of a kitten caught my attention. I searched for the kitten by following the direction where the cries came from, and found this grey coloured kitten curled at the corner of the back of a Thai Muslim restaurant.

Thinking that he must be starving, I bought a can of wet food for him. I scooped some out from the can and gave it to him. He sniffed it but refused to eat. His cries were getting very loud, almost deafening to the ears. Perhaps, he was afraid of me and finding himself defenseless, he cried for his mommy’s help. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any female cat answered his cries.

The pictures clearly shown the kitten was searching for his mommy - nervously. Fearing that I might scare the life out of him, I packed everything and left him alone. That was the first and the last time I saw him at the Thai Muslim restaurant.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


These pictures were taken by my brother in Penang, at a building not too far away from his office. According to him, these kittens were abandoned by their owners because almost every day, weeks old kittens were dumped there. I believe that particular place/building has become a dumping ground of unwanted kittens by cruel and irresponsible owners.

My brother told me some of the kittens were really cute, beautiful, adorable and friendly, as you can see from the pictures.

Some of them were weak and sick and were down with diseases or mange. It was so heart breaking to look at all these cuties being cruelly treated.

According to him, some of the kittens which he used to see every day were not there anymore. Both of us hope they were adopted by some kind pet lovers. But, I can’t deny the fact that some of them met with tragedy, killed by speeding cars, or by some territorial adult cats and/or dogs.

I honestly wish that pet owners would stop abandoning their pets’ litters and send their pets for castration to avoid breeding - the least they could do!

Friday, September 24, 2010

To The Rescue

10 September 2010 - the first day of Hari Raya, I was at my parents’ house in Penang when I heard repeatedly a kitten crying in distressed. I went to the balcony trying to determine where the cries came from, when a female cat suddenly caught my eyes. She was at the brim of a huge drain and was looking down at the bottom of it. I knew immediately that the kitten had fallen into the drain and was crying for help.

Together with my brother and my niece, we brought along a piece of wood of about 6 feet long and some used towels to rescue the poor kitten. The moment the mother cat saw us approaching the drain, she ran away.

The poor kitten was half immersed with water. Without a minute to lose, I thrust the wood in to the drain, prompting the kitten to grab hold of the wood. Unfortunately, he failed to understand my intention. I had to prompt him several times and talked softly to him. Then only he put his two front paws on the wood followed by his two hind legs. Slowly and steadily, I pulled the wood up holding it horizontally to make sure the kitten wouldn’t fall and carefully put him down on the ground.

The mother immediately ran to her baby but was cautious about us. My brother managed to take a picture before the mother picked him up with her mouth and walked away from us. Then, she put him down, licked him for a short while giving him the assurance that he was safe. The kitten, in return, rubbed his head and body against his mommy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Rescue of Two Kittens

The two kittens which I rescued from the big drain were not in any of these pictures. I had no idea where they were.

Anyway, I was very glad that I heard their pitiful cries and the distressed meowing of Sweetie Pie. They must have fallen into the drain while crossing it. Since it was covered with steel planks, there was no way Sweetie Pie could jump down to rescue them.

When she saw me, she stared at me meowing frantically, I guess, asking me to help her babies. I lifted the heavy steel planks, jumped into the drain, and tried to grab the kittens. As shaken and frightened as they already were, I was not surprised to find them running away from me.

After several attempts, I managed to grab hold of one of them, climbed up from the drain, and put it on the ground close to Sweetie Pie. The kitten hurried to her mommy, reunited with Sweetie Pie and it was so heartwarming to see her started licking her baby.

As I climbed down to the drain again, the other kitten ran inside one of the draining holes and hid there. I tried using my slipper to entice him to crawl out, using biscuit and meat to lure him out and using a towel to try to hook his claws and pull it out but all to no avail.

Finally, I had no choice but to put a pair of socks over my hand and wrapped it over with a towel, put it inside the hole. Before I could grab this kitten, it plunged its sharp teeth into my flesh. Ignoring the pain, I grabbed its tiny body and dragged it out from the hole. It was shouting, crying, and shrieking while trying to break free from my grip.

I climbed out from the drain, quickly ran to Sweetie Pie and released the kitten. Cheerfully, it ran and sprang toward its siblings.

The happy reunion of a family conquered the throbbing pain and blood trickling from my finger.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Latest Batch of Sweetie Pie’s Babies

These were the latest batch of kittens of Sweetie Pie. They were napping on the roof top of the covered car park while I took this picture. I thought I was quiet enough not to arouse any panic among the kittens. However, one of them woke up and looked suspiciously at me.

Before I could walk away, this little kitten ran to the other side of the roof top thinking that it could hide from me. Unfortunately, it was an open area. Instead of running away again, it tilted its head up and stared at me. An opportunity to take its pictures! So, my camera phone went clicking for several times.

While taking its picture, Sweetie Pie came back to her babies. She brought home a chicken drumstick. The little black kitten started chewing on it, ignoring the clicking of my camera phone. It must be very hungry!

As Sweetie Pie comfortably lied her body down, the other two kittens went to her and started sucking. Since she knew I meant no harm to her babies and her, she allowed me to take pictures. Her babies immediately knew that I was a friend of their mommy. So, they paid no attention to my presence and continued to suck.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sole Surviving Kitten

These were the previous batch of kittens of Sweetie Pie. I took this picture while they were resting on the roof top.

However, this is the sole surviving kitten. The rest of the kittens went disappear one by one after Sweetie Pie abandoned them. The problem with Sweetie Pie is whenever she gets pregnant, she abandons her babies.

Unlike Mother Cat, she may get wary of her existing kitten, she may hiss at him, or stay a distant from him, but she will not abandon him. In fact, her kitten, which is few months old now, is still staying very close to the Mother Cat.
I guess different cats behave differently!

Anyway, I have been feeding this sole surviving kitten, which is about 2-3 months old now, yet she doesn’t allow me to pat her. She would hide under a car, and would not sneak out to eat the biscuits given to her until I walk far, far away from her.

If I were not free to feed her, she would fend for herself by scavenging for food at the Thai Muslim restaurant. This little courageous kitten stays only within the car park area. The only time I saw her wandering outside the car park was when she tail-gated the black cat, which I believe was her 'father'.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cat Just Wanna Have Fun

This male cat was in heat, and it brought him to this area with the hope of finding a female cat. He found one indeed, and had been tailing her for days and nights. She was none other than Snowie.
As usual, I was at the TNB site feeding my baby. This male cat was brave enough to come close to me. I was contemplating as to feed him or not. If I did, I may encourage him to come back again. If I didn’t, I felt terribly bad.
Upon observing him for a long while, I noticed that he was actually quite a sweet and gentle cat. He didn’t even attempt to eat Snowie’s food. Since he had proven himself, I gave him a bowl of biscuits.

Frankly, he was more interested in my baby than the biscuits. Unfortunately, Snowie came to her daddy for protection.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Cat In Town

This female cat is a new addition to the cats’ population in my area. She is a very shy and cautious cat. I still remember for the first few weeks she would not eat the biscuits I gave her unless I walked at least 10 feet away from her. As she learned to get to know me better, she allowed me to stay relatively close to her, which enabled me to take these pictures.

I am not sure if she came here to stay for good. But as long as she is here, and as long as I see her, I will try feed her.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Greyie Is Terrorized By Black Cat

Before the disappearance of Greyie, he had been terrorized by the Black Cat. Now that he has returned, the same Black Cat keeps terrorizing him. This horrendous cat has been visiting the TNB site, which is Greyie and Snowie’s ‘home’, just to bully Greyie.
If I were there with them, the Black Cat dares not approach the TNB site. He would just sit at the far end corner staring at Greyie. He knows I am their protector!

These pictures were taken on 27 March 2010 and if you look closely, you would see the wound on Greyie’s thigh. My poor Greyie has scars on his forehead, his legs and body.
I poured water several times on his wound, and he was clever enough to clean it with his tongue. I hope the wound will heal as soon as possible.
I hope I would be able to do something about this Black Cat. He will go around terrorizing all young growing male cats living in this area, and I fear for the wellbeing of those cats.

note: Names are given for easy reference purposes only.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweetie Pie Lost Her Newborn Babies

I took these pictures of Sweetie Pie on 2 Feb 2010. She was very much pregnant. I was at the TNB staircase looking for Greyie and Snowie when she suddenly appeared, meowing at me at the top of her lungs.
I gave her biscuits, which she gladly ate. I could tell she was very hungry and thirsty, exhausted too. Luckily, I have drinking water for her as well.
A week or two later, I found her looking for food outside the sundry shop. She had safely given birth to her babies. Secretly, I tailed her from behind for I wanted to know where she kept her newborn babies.
I was quite glad to know that she had chosen the Mamak restaurant which had been close down for a couple of years as a haven for her babies. Through the broken wooden door, she crept inside the former restaurant. And, I was sure the babies would be safe there.
Then, I was away for a few weeks. And when I came back, I was horrified to see Sweetie Pie’s haven was turned into a restaurant by a Thai Muslim family. I was positively certain that the babies were thrown away either by the contractor or the family when they cleaned and renovated the place.
I saw Sweetie Pie wandering about outside the restaurant, and I caught her sleeping outside at times. Perhaps, she was still hoping to find her babies there.
I felt terribly sorry for her.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Return Of Greyie

On the faithful morning of 25 January 2009, at approximately 1:39am, I was at the sundry shop looking for the grey kitten to feed, when I saw the notorious black cat staring sharply under a car parked near the shop. I knelt down and caught a glimpse of a cat hiding under it. I hissed and the black cat scampered away. Crawling out from under the car, I was very surprised and delighted to find that it was Greyie. He has returned!
However, he was so skinny and dirty. The moment he saw me, he started meowing and rubbing his head and body against my feet. His cries are so loud that he attracted the workers’ attention from the sundry shop. They told me that “your cat wants food from you”, and I happily answered “yes”.

So, I bought a can of wet food for him. Obediently, he followed me all the way to the TNB area where I normally feed him and his siblings, Snowie and Sweetie (before he disappeared).

I poured the wet food out onto the plastic bag, and he ate like he has never eaten before. While Greyie was eating, I went to find Snowie. I wanted to tell her the good news; that her brother came back.
I led her to her brother. Greyie took a look at her. She ran toward his direction. They sniffed at each other. And Greyie decided to share his meal with her.

The following day, I found them lingering at the Thai Muslim restaurant. The moment they heard my footstep, they ran toward me and followed me to the TNB area where I served them their meal.

I was so happy to see them reunited once again!

(Note : Names are given to these kittens for easy reference purposes only).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snowie, The Remaining Sibling

Ever since the disappearance of her siblings, Sweetie and Greyie, Snowie is the remaining feline wandering about alone without having any of her siblings to play with.
Whenever she sees me, she would straighten her tail and ran toward me. I guess I am the only friend or family member she has now. I believe she knows quite well that I would feed and spend some time with her.

These pictures were taken when she had a bit of mange on her ears. I applied medicine on her ears on alternate days for about two to three weeks. I was totally elated to find that they got better by the day. I was actually very impressed that she lied down quietly and allowed me to cure her ears. She is indeed a very mild mannered cat.

She has grown into a very beautiful adult cat. A month or two ago, she was tailed by a male cat. Being her first time, she had no experience at all. She hissed and fought with him when he tried to approach and mount her. If I were around, she would hide behind me. I was her protector!

I have been checking her tummy and I don't see any sign of pregnancy. I am not sure but I don't think she is pregnant!

(Note : Names are given for easy reference only).