Thursday, December 17, 2009

Play Time For Greyie, Snowie & Sweetie

It is always play time for Greyie, Snowie & Sweetie after their meal. They would chase and pounce, jump and flip over and land on each other. Sometimes, they would stay very still and without any warning, would ambush each other. It is really hilarious and entertaining to watch them play.
They would race among themselves and spring before landing their claws against the tree and climb as high as they could. I am always astounded at their strength and swiftness.

At times, they would play hide-and-seek among the bushes. I managed to take this picture at one of the evenings depicting Snowie as the seeker trying to find her siblings who hid behind the bushes. I had a good laugh watching them running and leaping in and out of the bushes.
Most of the time, I would spend some time chatting with the security guard, and they would amuse themselves at one of the benches erected outside the main entrance of the apartment block. This picture showed Snowie sitting on the bench grooming when suddenly Greyie went under the bench and pretended to maul her with his tiny paw.

Once they have reached the point of exhaustion, they would either rest on the staircase or the floor to catch their breaths. If I happened to be sitting on the bench talking to the security guard, they would sometimes gather and rest under it.

I find playing with the kittens and/or watching them play is indeed very therapeutic for the soul.

Note :
Names are given to these kittens for easy reference purposes only.
These pictures were taken before the disappearance of Sweetie. His whereabout is now unknown.