Friday, May 7, 2010

Cat Just Wanna Have Fun

This male cat was in heat, and it brought him to this area with the hope of finding a female cat. He found one indeed, and had been tailing her for days and nights. She was none other than Snowie.
As usual, I was at the TNB site feeding my baby. This male cat was brave enough to come close to me. I was contemplating as to feed him or not. If I did, I may encourage him to come back again. If I didn’t, I felt terribly bad.
Upon observing him for a long while, I noticed that he was actually quite a sweet and gentle cat. He didn’t even attempt to eat Snowie’s food. Since he had proven himself, I gave him a bowl of biscuits.

Frankly, he was more interested in my baby than the biscuits. Unfortunately, Snowie came to her daddy for protection.