Thursday, December 17, 2009

Play Time For Greyie, Snowie & Sweetie

It is always play time for Greyie, Snowie & Sweetie after their meal. They would chase and pounce, jump and flip over and land on each other. Sometimes, they would stay very still and without any warning, would ambush each other. It is really hilarious and entertaining to watch them play.
They would race among themselves and spring before landing their claws against the tree and climb as high as they could. I am always astounded at their strength and swiftness.

At times, they would play hide-and-seek among the bushes. I managed to take this picture at one of the evenings depicting Snowie as the seeker trying to find her siblings who hid behind the bushes. I had a good laugh watching them running and leaping in and out of the bushes.
Most of the time, I would spend some time chatting with the security guard, and they would amuse themselves at one of the benches erected outside the main entrance of the apartment block. This picture showed Snowie sitting on the bench grooming when suddenly Greyie went under the bench and pretended to maul her with his tiny paw.

Once they have reached the point of exhaustion, they would either rest on the staircase or the floor to catch their breaths. If I happened to be sitting on the bench talking to the security guard, they would sometimes gather and rest under it.

I find playing with the kittens and/or watching them play is indeed very therapeutic for the soul.

Note :
Names are given to these kittens for easy reference purposes only.
These pictures were taken before the disappearance of Sweetie. His whereabout is now unknown.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Greyie Shared His New Found Toy

On the evening of 4 June 2009, just like any other days, I went down to feed the cats. I always feed the kittens at the TNB area where I put a container and replace its water every day for their consummation.

Anyway, only Sweetie and Snowie showed up that evening. Nevertheless, I fed both of them and at the same time in a lookout for Greyie. Half an hour had passed. There was still no sign of Greyie. Since both Sweetie and Snowie were done eating, I decided to leave. As I was about to, I saw him carrying something in his mouth walking very cautiously along the bushes.
As he approached the TNB area, I was horrified to see him carrying a gecko in his mouth, and was pretty much relieved once I realized it was a dead gecko.

He was tossing and throwing the dead gecko in the air with his mouth as well as nabbing and lifting it with his little front paws. He was so engrossed that nothing, not even my biscuits could make him stopped playing with his new found toy. Therefore, together with his siblings, we decided to watch him play.

All of a sudden, he stopped playing, walked to the container and started nibbling at the biscuits. He must have either got hungry or bored with his new found toy. Snowie who had been eyeing the dead gecko from the beginning decided to take over the fun while Sweetie looked on and waited anxiously for his turn. It would be a shame not to share such a good fun toy, wouldn’t it?

(Note : Names are given to these kittens for easy reference purposes only).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disappearance Of Sweetie

I was out of town for a week. When I came back, I went about to feed the cats as usual, and was looking so forward to see the kittens. I saw his siblings, Greyie and Snowie but not Sweetie. I thought to myself that he must have missed my calling and failed to show up.
The next day, he failed to show up again. I began to worry about his safety knowing that the Notorious Black Male Cat has been terrorizing them. I went looking for him around the area where these kittens normally spend their time. But, no sign of him at all.
He failed to show up the following day, the day after and it has been a week since he disappeared. I do not think he was adopted by someone. Most likely, he was driven away by the Notorious Black Male Cat.
I was very much saddened by his disappearance for I do love this kitten very much.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Can You Help To Neuter These Homeless Cats?

How can I help?

I have always wanted to use my work of art to do charity ~ to help the underprivileged, to help the needy, to help the poor homeless animals especially.

But I alone can’t possibly make it happen, without the assistance of others who share the same sentiment as I do.

Therefore, I wish to appeal to your kindness and support in assisting me to neutering these homeless cats which I feed on a regular basis. As you know the cost of neutering is rather high, I may not be able to afford to neuter all of them. Hence, your assistance is most welcomed.

How can you help?

By purchasing these hand-painted stones, the fund accumulated will be used to neuter these cats.

OWL - RM48






1. You may also view the hand-painted stones by visiting
2. The number of cats to be neutered depends on the sale of the hand-painted stones.
3. Receipts issued by the vet will be published in this blog. If you wish, you may call up the vet for verification.

How to make payment?

You may make payment via fund transfers through ATM. Kindly email me at for bank account details.

Once payment is made, please email me
by leaving:

- your name,
- contact no.,
- address,
- your chosen hand-painted stones


The hand-painted stone will then be delivered to you by hand/post.


Kindly contact me if you have any queries or need further clarifications.

Heartfelt Thank You

Last but not least, thanking you in advance for your kind deeds. It will make a positive difference to the lives of some of these homeless cats.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Miss Brown’s Adoption And The Spaying of Miss Orange

The thought of seeing Miss Brown and Miss Orange getting pregnant and giving birth over and over again was enough to make my heart sank entirely.

However, I was told by a restaurant worker that Miss Brown has been adopted by someone who frequents the Mamak restaurant. I hope the worker was right on Miss Brown being adopted. I honestly pray that she is well taken care of and loves by her new family.
As for Miss Orange, some kind Samaritans took her away, got her spayed and released her back at the Mamak restaurant. I was very happy for her.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Notorious Black Cat

He is not one of the cats I feed on daily basis. He is not a cat from this vicinity but he made it his home now. But he knows this is the right place to come to when he needs to mate. He is the cause of Miss Brown’s and Miss Orange’s pregnancies.

He declares himself the big brother of this area although he is a new cat in town. He got rid off of all the adult male cats. No male kittens got away from his brutal paws too. He was the one who attacked the poor kitten which had to be put to sleep due to broken spine and leg.

I got very upset with him and stopped feeding him now.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Abandoned Kitten Yearning For A Little Warmth And Love

Kindly contact me if you are interested in adopting this kitten.

He is the baby of Mother Cat. He is also the only surviving kitten of the three. What happened to the other two? I have no idea.

I used to feed both the mother and kitten side by side. Sometimes, they ate from the same container. It was rather heart-warming to see them filled with so much TLC (tender, love and care).

Now that the Mother Cat is pregnant again, she would hiss at the poor kitten if he tries to get near her. Luckily she is not hostile towards him. I could see the yearning in him to receiving a little warmth and love from his mother which he misses so much as he runs about and around her. However, the fear of being hissed prevented him from getting close to her. I had no choice but to feed them separately, far from each other.

The Mother Cat’s tummy grew bigger by the days, and the need to protect her unborn babies increased. Finally, she abandoned her almost two months old kitten completely, leaving him all alone at the rubbish dump to fend for itself.

I could tell how hungry he was each time I went to feed him. He whined and whimpered as he gobbled his biscuits. Then he would stop eating, meow melancholy, ran about, in and out of the rubbish dump several times looking for his mother. I was quite certain that he was calling for the Mother Cat to join him in his meal. Each meow he uttered, I replied soothingly. His cries totally wrenched my heart.

The poor kitten is now suffering from mange. It is getting from worst to bad as the mange is attacking both his ears and hind paws. It is no surprise as he lives in the rubbish dump, sleeps in the rubbish dump, eats in the rubbish dump and drinks in the rubbish dump. For now, all I can do is to include vitamins in his meals. Hopefully, it will build up his immune system.

Once I gain his confidence, I am sure he would allow me to get close to him, to touch him and eventually to hold him. Then, I would be able to take him to the vet for treatment.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poor Kitten Had To Be Put To Sleep

On 7 August 2009 at about 9pm, I was walking towards the direction of the Nasi Lemak stall when I spotted a black cat staring intensely at one motionless thing at the back lane of an office block. Before I could determine what it was, he launched a fierce and merciless attack at the thing. To my horror, it was a kitten. I could hear the piercing scream of the black cat and the sharp painful scream of the kitten. Without hesitation, I took my slipper off and threw it at the black cat as I ran toward their direction. My slipper didn’t hit any part of his body but it did frighten him and he scampered away.

The poor kitten was gasping for breath and his heartbeat was fast. I soothed him by patting his head and body and to let him know that I meant no harm. I noticed several clumps of his furs on the ground. He was bruised and lying on his side. He tried to crawl away but I stopped him. I was very sure he was attacked by the black cat not for once but repeatedly before I went to his rescue.

I gave him some water. He must be totally exhausted. When he tried to crawl away again, that was when I noticed that his hind legs were not moving properly. He couldn’t sit. He couldn’t walk. All he could do was crawl. I fear for the worst for him.

I told my friend and we decided to bring him home. Tomorrow morning, we would get another friend to send us to the vet. I slept in the guestroom with the kitten. He woke up at 5am screaming in pain. I soothed him and gave him some water. Then, he fell asleep again. At 7am he woke up screaming again. I soothed him again. I took his picture as he stared into my eyes.

At 8am, our friend came to fetch us. We went to a vet in Shah Alam and the poor kitten was examined by the doctor. He was given injection and some medication. Since the vet doesn’t provide x-ray service, we were advised to bring the kitten to the Animal Hospital in order to determine if he had any fractured bones, punctured diaphragm and spinal injury.

Upon reaching the Animal Hospital, the kitten undergone a thorough check-up and was put on drip. After an hour of anxious waiting, we were so devastated when the doctor showed us the result of the x-ray. There were broken spine and broken leg. The doctor advised us to put him to sleep in order to end the poor kitten’s pain. We couldn’t hold back our tears anymore. My friend said his farewell to him. I said mine and I asked Lord Buddha to bless his soul as I patted him gently. His eyes were closed as he breathed lightly and calmly.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Greyie, Snowie & Sweetie Are Still Looking For A Good Home

You may also check it up at

Greyie, Sweetie and Snowie are growing bigger by the day. They are into their fifth month now. However, they are still homeless. There had been a couple of offers to adopt these kittens. But I rejected them for they did not meet the set requirements. If they were to be adopted, I have to make sure that they have a good home, loved and properly cared for. Otherwise, they are better off without a home.
I wish I could adopt them and provide them with a home. But I simply can’t because I am staying in a small apartment, and according to the apartment’s rules, I am only allowed to keep one pet. If I stay in a double-storey terrace house, I would certainly have adopted them.

Anyway, I must admit that these kittens are very smart. They recognize me by my foot step and the sound of my flip flop creates when I walk. This is how they differentiate me from the rest of the people walking along the pavement. The minute they hear my footsteps, I would find them running beside me. Why? It simply means their meal time and spending some time with them.

(Note : Names are given to these kittens for easy reference purposes only)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mother Cat Bullied By Sweetie Pie

Anyone who has been reading my blog would know that Sweetie Pie is very territorial, and would pick a fight with any cat especially Mother Cat if they happen to bump into each other.

On 5 June 2009, at approximately 1am I went down to feed Mother Cat at the rubbish dump where she would go looking for food. She would not appear until very late in the evening or after midnight. I have no choice but to make a special trip down just to feed her. Similar to Sweetie Pie, she has given birth and I have no idea where she hides her babies.

Anyway, Mother Cat was enjoying her biscuits when suddenly Sweetie Pie appeared. The moment she saw me, she ran toward my direction. I happened to be standing rather close to where Mother Cat was eating. Before I could move away from Mother Cat, Sweetie Pie saw Mother Cat and the container of biscuits. Instantaneously they started hissing and growling at each other and was ready to put up a good fight.

They continued to hiss and growl at each other for about three minutes. As expected, Mother Cat’s hisses and growls soften and cautiously she crawled away from Sweetie Pie. Once again, Sweetie Pie triumphed over Mother Cat and started enjoying her prizewinning biscuits.

Only after Sweetie Pie left with a full stomach, Mother Cat crawled back to consume the rest of the biscuits in the container. Luckily, it was still half full of biscuits. I felt so sorry for her. I waited for her to finish eating, collected the container, wished her good night and went home.