Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disappearance Of Sweetie

I was out of town for a week. When I came back, I went about to feed the cats as usual, and was looking so forward to see the kittens. I saw his siblings, Greyie and Snowie but not Sweetie. I thought to myself that he must have missed my calling and failed to show up.
The next day, he failed to show up again. I began to worry about his safety knowing that the Notorious Black Male Cat has been terrorizing them. I went looking for him around the area where these kittens normally spend their time. But, no sign of him at all.
He failed to show up the following day, the day after and it has been a week since he disappeared. I do not think he was adopted by someone. Most likely, he was driven away by the Notorious Black Male Cat.
I was very much saddened by his disappearance for I do love this kitten very much.

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