Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sole Surviving Kitten

These were the previous batch of kittens of Sweetie Pie. I took this picture while they were resting on the roof top.

However, this is the sole surviving kitten. The rest of the kittens went disappear one by one after Sweetie Pie abandoned them. The problem with Sweetie Pie is whenever she gets pregnant, she abandons her babies.

Unlike Mother Cat, she may get wary of her existing kitten, she may hiss at him, or stay a distant from him, but she will not abandon him. In fact, her kitten, which is few months old now, is still staying very close to the Mother Cat.
I guess different cats behave differently!

Anyway, I have been feeding this sole surviving kitten, which is about 2-3 months old now, yet she doesn’t allow me to pat her. She would hide under a car, and would not sneak out to eat the biscuits given to her until I walk far, far away from her.

If I were not free to feed her, she would fend for herself by scavenging for food at the Thai Muslim restaurant. This little courageous kitten stays only within the car park area. The only time I saw her wandering outside the car park was when she tail-gated the black cat, which I believe was her 'father'.