Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Return Of Greyie

On the faithful morning of 25 January 2009, at approximately 1:39am, I was at the sundry shop looking for the grey kitten to feed, when I saw the notorious black cat staring sharply under a car parked near the shop. I knelt down and caught a glimpse of a cat hiding under it. I hissed and the black cat scampered away. Crawling out from under the car, I was very surprised and delighted to find that it was Greyie. He has returned!
However, he was so skinny and dirty. The moment he saw me, he started meowing and rubbing his head and body against my feet. His cries are so loud that he attracted the workers’ attention from the sundry shop. They told me that “your cat wants food from you”, and I happily answered “yes”.

So, I bought a can of wet food for him. Obediently, he followed me all the way to the TNB area where I normally feed him and his siblings, Snowie and Sweetie (before he disappeared).

I poured the wet food out onto the plastic bag, and he ate like he has never eaten before. While Greyie was eating, I went to find Snowie. I wanted to tell her the good news; that her brother came back.
I led her to her brother. Greyie took a look at her. She ran toward his direction. They sniffed at each other. And Greyie decided to share his meal with her.

The following day, I found them lingering at the Thai Muslim restaurant. The moment they heard my footstep, they ran toward me and followed me to the TNB area where I served them their meal.

I was so happy to see them reunited once again!

(Note : Names are given to these kittens for easy reference purposes only).