Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poor Kitten Had To Be Put To Sleep

On 7 August 2009 at about 9pm, I was walking towards the direction of the Nasi Lemak stall when I spotted a black cat staring intensely at one motionless thing at the back lane of an office block. Before I could determine what it was, he launched a fierce and merciless attack at the thing. To my horror, it was a kitten. I could hear the piercing scream of the black cat and the sharp painful scream of the kitten. Without hesitation, I took my slipper off and threw it at the black cat as I ran toward their direction. My slipper didn’t hit any part of his body but it did frighten him and he scampered away.

The poor kitten was gasping for breath and his heartbeat was fast. I soothed him by patting his head and body and to let him know that I meant no harm. I noticed several clumps of his furs on the ground. He was bruised and lying on his side. He tried to crawl away but I stopped him. I was very sure he was attacked by the black cat not for once but repeatedly before I went to his rescue.

I gave him some water. He must be totally exhausted. When he tried to crawl away again, that was when I noticed that his hind legs were not moving properly. He couldn’t sit. He couldn’t walk. All he could do was crawl. I fear for the worst for him.

I told my friend and we decided to bring him home. Tomorrow morning, we would get another friend to send us to the vet. I slept in the guestroom with the kitten. He woke up at 5am screaming in pain. I soothed him and gave him some water. Then, he fell asleep again. At 7am he woke up screaming again. I soothed him again. I took his picture as he stared into my eyes.

At 8am, our friend came to fetch us. We went to a vet in Shah Alam and the poor kitten was examined by the doctor. He was given injection and some medication. Since the vet doesn’t provide x-ray service, we were advised to bring the kitten to the Animal Hospital in order to determine if he had any fractured bones, punctured diaphragm and spinal injury.

Upon reaching the Animal Hospital, the kitten undergone a thorough check-up and was put on drip. After an hour of anxious waiting, we were so devastated when the doctor showed us the result of the x-ray. There were broken spine and broken leg. The doctor advised us to put him to sleep in order to end the poor kitten’s pain. We couldn’t hold back our tears anymore. My friend said his farewell to him. I said mine and I asked Lord Buddha to bless his soul as I patted him gently. His eyes were closed as he breathed lightly and calmly.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Greyie, Snowie & Sweetie Are Still Looking For A Good Home

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Greyie, Sweetie and Snowie are growing bigger by the day. They are into their fifth month now. However, they are still homeless. There had been a couple of offers to adopt these kittens. But I rejected them for they did not meet the set requirements. If they were to be adopted, I have to make sure that they have a good home, loved and properly cared for. Otherwise, they are better off without a home.
I wish I could adopt them and provide them with a home. But I simply can’t because I am staying in a small apartment, and according to the apartment’s rules, I am only allowed to keep one pet. If I stay in a double-storey terrace house, I would certainly have adopted them.

Anyway, I must admit that these kittens are very smart. They recognize me by my foot step and the sound of my flip flop creates when I walk. This is how they differentiate me from the rest of the people walking along the pavement. The minute they hear my footsteps, I would find them running beside me. Why? It simply means their meal time and spending some time with them.

(Note : Names are given to these kittens for easy reference purposes only)