Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Greyie, Snowie & Sweetie Are Still Looking For A Good Home

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Greyie, Sweetie and Snowie are growing bigger by the day. They are into their fifth month now. However, they are still homeless. There had been a couple of offers to adopt these kittens. But I rejected them for they did not meet the set requirements. If they were to be adopted, I have to make sure that they have a good home, loved and properly cared for. Otherwise, they are better off without a home.
I wish I could adopt them and provide them with a home. But I simply can’t because I am staying in a small apartment, and according to the apartment’s rules, I am only allowed to keep one pet. If I stay in a double-storey terrace house, I would certainly have adopted them.

Anyway, I must admit that these kittens are very smart. They recognize me by my foot step and the sound of my flip flop creates when I walk. This is how they differentiate me from the rest of the people walking along the pavement. The minute they hear my footsteps, I would find them running beside me. Why? It simply means their meal time and spending some time with them.

(Note : Names are given to these kittens for easy reference purposes only)

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