Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mother Cat Bullied By Sweetie Pie

Anyone who has been reading my blog would know that Sweetie Pie is very territorial, and would pick a fight with any cat especially Mother Cat if they happen to bump into each other.

On 5 June 2009, at approximately 1am I went down to feed Mother Cat at the rubbish dump where she would go looking for food. She would not appear until very late in the evening or after midnight. I have no choice but to make a special trip down just to feed her. Similar to Sweetie Pie, she has given birth and I have no idea where she hides her babies.

Anyway, Mother Cat was enjoying her biscuits when suddenly Sweetie Pie appeared. The moment she saw me, she ran toward my direction. I happened to be standing rather close to where Mother Cat was eating. Before I could move away from Mother Cat, Sweetie Pie saw Mother Cat and the container of biscuits. Instantaneously they started hissing and growling at each other and was ready to put up a good fight.

They continued to hiss and growl at each other for about three minutes. As expected, Mother Cat’s hisses and growls soften and cautiously she crawled away from Sweetie Pie. Once again, Sweetie Pie triumphed over Mother Cat and started enjoying her prizewinning biscuits.

Only after Sweetie Pie left with a full stomach, Mother Cat crawled back to consume the rest of the biscuits in the container. Luckily, it was still half full of biscuits. I felt so sorry for her. I waited for her to finish eating, collected the container, wished her good night and went home.

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