Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Black Male Cat

Once upon a time, this Black Cat was the big brother especially among the male cats in this neighbourhood. He was aggressive, dominant and ferocious. The male cats and a handful of the female cats would sprint at the sight of this Black Cat.
He managed to fight and chase all the male cats away making him the one and only adult male cat in this vicinity. He may have won the battle but he ended up with eyes infection, severe scars and bruises on his head as well as certain parts of his body.
He may be notorious but he is still a fine cat which deserves a meal too. I took these pictures on 21 May 2009 while he was eating his biscuits cautiously at the cark park.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Unfortunate Mommy Cat

Mommy Cat is a very sweet and gentle feline. We have been friends for few years. She used to enjoy quite a fortunate life for she was well liked by the owner and workers at the ‘mamak’ restaurant occupying one of the commercial lots below one of the apartment blocks. She would come to me and meowed softly at me asking to be fed whenever I went there to eat. She is not a big fan for biscuits though. Therefore, I have to feed her canned food most of the time.

When she was due to deliver last two years ago, she was given a space in the storeroom by the owner to keep her babies from harms which allowed her to nurture them. As it was time for the kittens to take a glimpse at the outside world, it was when misfortunes befell them. I was informed by a lady worker that one of the kittens was hit by a car and died on the spot. Dutifully I continued to feed Mommy Cat and her surviving kittens. What happened to the kittens I have not the faintest idea. They disappeared one after another by the days, by the weeks and by the months.

Mommy Cat suffered a 180 degree change in life when a new mean, nasty owner took over the ‘mamak’ restaurant. I caught him spinning a towel and flung at Mommy Cat who was resting on a chair at that time. Shocked, she leaped from the chair and scurried away as fast as she could. I was utterly angry and disgusted.
Having lost a place to stay she moved to the newly opened ‘mamak’ restaurant at the new commercial area opposite the apartment. Being a gentle and sweet cat she always is; Mommy Cat may have easily won the hearts of the workers who work there.

On 12 March 2009, as I was walking back from a grocery shop, I spotted her resting under a car. The moment she saw me, she got up and hurried toward me, rubbed her body heartily against my feet and meowed tenderly at me. There was no sign of her being under fed, she looked rather healthy. I was extremely happy for her.
I have not seen her since then. About 2 months ago, a security guard told me that she was hit by a motorcycle and was bleeding. I was in a state of utmost shock for she was pregnant. I went about the area searching for her but there was no sign of her at all until today.