Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Black Male Cat

Once upon a time, this Black Cat was the big brother especially among the male cats in this neighbourhood. He was aggressive, dominant and ferocious. The male cats and a handful of the female cats would sprint at the sight of this Black Cat.
He managed to fight and chase all the male cats away making him the one and only adult male cat in this vicinity. He may have won the battle but he ended up with eyes infection, severe scars and bruises on his head as well as certain parts of his body.
He may be notorious but he is still a fine cat which deserves a meal too. I took these pictures on 21 May 2009 while he was eating his biscuits cautiously at the cark park.


  1. hi,
    stumbled on your blog from sherrina's IPERs website...just wanna say, thank you for rescue efforts...these cats are adorable :-D mine are all still with me since i grew attached to them and find it hard to

  2. Hi..

    Thanks! I try my best to help them as much as I can. I find it hard to detach myself from them each time I feed them. I will end up spending at least 1-2 hours with them.. hehehe!

    I am glad you are now one of the 'friends of Cats' members :-)

    Thanks for your support!