Friday, December 3, 2010

Where Are Snowie Babies?

This was Snowie’s third pregnancy.

I had not seen her babies from the first two pregnancies and had no idea where she hid them. And, I had the slightest idea as to what had happened to all her babies. The security guard whom I always talk to told me that he saw Snowie’s babies from the first pregnancy for only once or twice. My gut feeling told me that she was inexperienced in nursing her babies and eventually lost all of them. I didn’t want to think it was possibly due to inhumane acts of the human race.

I came back from my short trip and found her pregnant. The moment she saw me, she meowed as she ran toward me. She purred softly when I caressed her. I could tell that she was very happy to see me as she walked all around me, rubbing her head and body against both my feet and hands.

My friend offered to bring some biscuits and water down from the apartment in order for me to feed her. Both Snowie and I went to the TNB area, our Secret Rendez-vous, where she happily ate her biscuits. I filled the empty container with fresh water, not only for her consumption but for all cats. I spent some quality time with her and I could tell she missed to be loved.

Then, I lost sight of her for few days. The workers from the Thai Muslim Restaurant had no idea where she went to when I asked them about her. All I could do was to pray for her safety. But one fine day, I found her begging for food from some of the patrons of the Thai Muslim Restaurant. She had given birth, and she was so frail and skinny. I took some biscuits and fresh water for her. How delighted she was to see me!

I began to enquire about her kittens and was truly happy to hear from one of the Thai Muslim Restaurant workers that Snowie hides her newborns at a deserted corner inside the restaurant. And, I was very thankful for their generousity toward her. I was told that every morning when he came to work, he could hear the cries of the kittens. I continued feeding her until I had to leave town for a week.

When I came back to my apartment, I ordered food from the Thai Muslim Restaurant and requested it to be delivered. The worker who delivered my food informed me that Snowie has four beautiful kittens, and they are very, very cute. I have not seen them but I couldn’t wait to have a look at them and Snowie.

I hope she will learn to nurse her babies and keep them away from harm and danger.