Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowie And Her Kitten

I have been feeding Snowie and her kitten for the past one month. Three of her kittens were taken away from her by some patrons of the Thai Muslim Restaurant. I sincerely wish that they will take very good care of those kittens. Otherwise, they are better off with Snowie on the street.
Her remaining kitten is very cautious and alert of her surroundings. I am glad that Snowie taught her well, and to be aware of human beings. Even though, I have been feeding her and Snowie for almost every day, she keeps a distance. She sees me caressing her mother, she sees her mother rubbing her delicate body against my feet and she sees her mother resting comfortably next to me, but she stays a foot away from me. I believe having no physical connection with humans at this tender age is the safest way to stay unharmed.

The first few days, I had to leave the biscuits next to a car, walked a few feet away from it in order to get her to crawl out from under the car to nibble at the biscuits. If I made the slightest move, she would quickly go into hiding until it was safe to crawl out again to continue her meal.

Four days later, she was brave enough to eat in the open but I had to leave the biscuits inside the doorway. And, she had to wait for the mother to start eating as if to check if it was safe for her before she dashed across the pavement to join her mother.

For the next two days, I could just leave the biscuits outside the doorway. Upon hearing my whistle, she would run toward my direction but not without caution. She would nibble at the biscuits only if she was quite sure it was safe to do so and accompanied by Snowie.

Three days after that, I believe she began to learn that I am a harmless creature. The moment she heard my whistle, she ran to me even her mother was nowhere to be seen. I laid the biscuits next to the chair I was sitting, and she started nibbling at them.

The next 20 days, she became quite a brave little kitty. She stretched her paw out to touch my fingers. She sniffed my palm when I showed it to her. She meowed at me asking for food. When I showed her my camera phone, she sat still and allowed me to take her pictures.
I am sure we will become good friends!