Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweetie Pie Still Hisses At Her Previous Kittens

Sweetie Pie got pregnant again two months after giving birth to four kittens. I took these pictures on 4 April 2009 while she was having her fish cum rice at the TNB area and on 21 April 2009 while she was resting at the covered car park after eating her biscuits.

Five days later, on 29 April 2009 I found her at the covered cark park and she had given birth. How many kittens? I don’t know for I have not discovered where she hides them. The moment she saw me, she jumped on her paws and started meowing at me. I knew she was hungry and wanted food from me. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any with me. I had to turn back home, filled a container with biscuits, went back to the car park and gave it to her.

While she was busy taking care of her newborn babies, I was busy feeding her previous growing kittens. At times, Sweetie Pie would appear at the TNB area where I fed the kittens. She was there not to check on the well being of the kittens as she still hissed very fiercely at them when they tried to approach her. I had to prevent them from getting too close to her.

As before, I had to feed her separately, far from the kittens. They would stop eating at once and crawl very warily to the staircase and settle very quietly to observe their mother eating her biscuits as shown in these pictures taken on 23 May 2009.

Undoubtedly, every time after her meal she would hiss as she took a glance at her previous kittens before she walked away from them and disappeared into the pathway.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cats and Kittens Go To Heaven

Mommy Cat
From the time the security guard told me that the pregnant Mommy Cat was bleeding after being hit by a reckless motorcyclist, I had been searching for her for the past three months but to no avail. I didn’t want to think of the worst but I am convinced that she died from excessive bleeding.

Single Kitten
I have been searching for the Single Kitten since his disappearance in May 2009. The security guard informed me that the last time he saw the Single Kitten was at the rubbish dump, resting on a pile of dirty cardboards. As I had mentioned in my previous posting, the Single Kitten was suffering from eyes infection as well as mange on his ears, face and paws.

Both the security guard and I believed that being a stray kitten, his immune system was not strong enough to fight the diseases and succumbed to death eventually.

Perhaps, both the Mommy Cat and Single Kitten are in a better place now. A place we named Heaven!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cute and Loving Abandoned Kitten

Adopt This Cute and Loving Kitten

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On the faithful evening of 15 June 2009, at precisely 7:25pm, I was making my usual round of feeding the cats. Then, I stopped by at the TNB area to feed the kittens (Greyie, Snowie and Sweetie) when I suddenly heard a faint cry coming from the back lane of the Thai Muslim restaurant. Then, another faint cry but slightly louder than before. Then another soft cry was heard before it went totally silent. Without wasting another second, I went to investigate and stumbled upon a tiny kitten snuggling up behind a huge pile of soft drink cans.

I think she is about 1 1/2 months old. She is a healthy and cute looking kitten, and completely weaned. I picked her up and gave her some biscuits. At first, I was worried that she may not be able to chew them but I was totally wrong. She chewed the crunchy biscuits with her sharp teeth.

The next day, I fed her with canned kitten food. She enjoyed it so much. Half way eating, she turned to me and unexpectedly, she rolled over with her belly facing up, she grabbed my fingers and started licking and playing with them. I was astonished, and knew instantly that she is a very sweet and loving kitten. Unfortunately, the apartment rules and regulations only allow one pet per tenant and I already have a cat. Therefore, I can’t adopt her.

The following days, I gave her wet biscuits and she happily ate them. When I put her close to the water container, she was so smart to know that it was drinking water, and started drinking away.

Then, she would crawl slowly to the staircase to either sit straight up or lie down comfortably.

At times, she would watch attentively at Greyie, Snowie and Sweetie play among themselves.
I hope someone will adopt her and love her. And, I sincerely hope that she will go to a good home.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Miss Brown & Her Unfortunate Kittens

I remember the first time I saw Miss Brown she was sitting next to the motorcycles parked outside the apartment block which I am staying. She was a fine young cat, very vocal and rather friendly. I didn’t really have to try to win her trust as she came to me voluntarily when I offered her biscuits. I took an immediate liking to her. Each day, I would sit on the bench, reading a book while waiting for her to eat her biscuits.
As she was a new cat in this neighbourhood, she faced constant harassment from the other cats. There was no chance for her to beg for food at the Thai Muslim eating stall. When a new ‘mamak’ restaurant was opened at the new commercial area opposite the apartment, she decided to move there.
Just like any other female cats, Miss Brown got pregnant. However, I didn’t see any of her kittens. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that her kittens were adopted by some kind cats lovers, I couldn’t help but to trust my instinct that none of the kittens survived.
Unfailingly, I would walk over to the new commercial building to feed her each day. I was quite delighted to see that both Miss Brown and Miss Orange accepted each other presence very well.
Then, Miss Brown got pregnant again and gave birth to five adorable kittens. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see them so soon if they had not been thrown out by the construction workers who were renovating one of the office buildings at that time.
The next day, I went to feed Miss Brown and the kittens as usual, only to find one kitten less. The following day, another kitten went missing from the litter. I honestly hope they were adopted and well taken care of by someone.

On 10 March 2009, I took this picture of Miss Brown with one of her kittens eating some biscuits and another picture of Miss Orange having her biscuits while the other two of Miss Brown’s kittens enjoying their canned food.
I was totally shocked and terribly saddened the next day to see the orange coloured kitten’s head on the street. Its body was nowhere to be found. A security guard told me that a car ran over the poor kitten. A few days later, the grey and white kitten went missing. A couple of weeks later, the last remaining dark-brown kitten was out of Miss Brown’s life as well.
I have no idea what happened to the kittens. Poor Miss Brown must have felt totally devastated.
It has been more than a month since she lost her kittens. And now, she is pregnant for about a month. Yes, she is pregnant again! In no time, she will have a new litter of kittens hidden in somewhere secluded, and hopefully save from intruders.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miss Orange & Her Four Lost Kittens

The first time I saw Miss Orange I was having my meal at the Thai Muslim eating stall sometime last year. She was wandering, meowing and begging for food. Luckily, I had cat biscuits with me that fateful day. I walked toward her with the biscuits but she went hiding under a car. So, I left the biscuit there, and after a minute or two, out she crawled to eat it. She was a young cat.

A couple of months later, I found her pregnant. If possible, for pregnant felines, I would try to include canned food or boiled fish in their diet. Then she went disappeared one fine day. I thought she had ‘migrated’, until I saw her again in February 2009 at the new commercial area opposite the apartment looking for food at a ‘mamak’ restaurant. She had given birth, but I had no idea where she hid her babies.
During one of my daily feeding rounds, I caught her leaving the staircase of an unoccupied office building. I went to inspect the place as my instinct told me that the babies were hidden there. And, true enough, I saw a litter of four wonderful kittens, about four to six weeks old, snuggling close to each other. Their furs were almost identical to Miss Orange. Their eyes were still blue indicating they were not weaned yet. At such tender age, they were already taught to be aware of their surroundings, as they hissed at me and ran into hiding as soon as they saw me.
A week or two after 21 February 2009, the date I took this picture, was the last time I saw the kittens. I could be wrong but I was confident that the kittens were packed and thrown away as I remembered seeing a cleaner with black rubbish bags, brooms and dust-pan cleaning that stretch of the unoccupied building. I was so disheartened to find the kittens gone the following day, and I felt terribly sorry for Miss Orange. She cried rather loudly the moment she saw me, as if to tell me of her lost babies.
She is close to two months pregnant now. Yes, she is pregnant again! As she is very close to her friend, Miss Brown, she spends a lot of time together with her. It is a matter of time she will give birth to a litter of kittens. I hope she will be able to keep them save from harm. Anyway, she looks happy to see me, and eats her food. However, these days, she would not let me go without having her body caressed and her head patted.