Friday, June 12, 2009

Miss Brown & Her Unfortunate Kittens

I remember the first time I saw Miss Brown she was sitting next to the motorcycles parked outside the apartment block which I am staying. She was a fine young cat, very vocal and rather friendly. I didn’t really have to try to win her trust as she came to me voluntarily when I offered her biscuits. I took an immediate liking to her. Each day, I would sit on the bench, reading a book while waiting for her to eat her biscuits.
As she was a new cat in this neighbourhood, she faced constant harassment from the other cats. There was no chance for her to beg for food at the Thai Muslim eating stall. When a new ‘mamak’ restaurant was opened at the new commercial area opposite the apartment, she decided to move there.
Just like any other female cats, Miss Brown got pregnant. However, I didn’t see any of her kittens. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that her kittens were adopted by some kind cats lovers, I couldn’t help but to trust my instinct that none of the kittens survived.
Unfailingly, I would walk over to the new commercial building to feed her each day. I was quite delighted to see that both Miss Brown and Miss Orange accepted each other presence very well.
Then, Miss Brown got pregnant again and gave birth to five adorable kittens. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see them so soon if they had not been thrown out by the construction workers who were renovating one of the office buildings at that time.
The next day, I went to feed Miss Brown and the kittens as usual, only to find one kitten less. The following day, another kitten went missing from the litter. I honestly hope they were adopted and well taken care of by someone.

On 10 March 2009, I took this picture of Miss Brown with one of her kittens eating some biscuits and another picture of Miss Orange having her biscuits while the other two of Miss Brown’s kittens enjoying their canned food.
I was totally shocked and terribly saddened the next day to see the orange coloured kitten’s head on the street. Its body was nowhere to be found. A security guard told me that a car ran over the poor kitten. A few days later, the grey and white kitten went missing. A couple of weeks later, the last remaining dark-brown kitten was out of Miss Brown’s life as well.
I have no idea what happened to the kittens. Poor Miss Brown must have felt totally devastated.
It has been more than a month since she lost her kittens. And now, she is pregnant for about a month. Yes, she is pregnant again! In no time, she will have a new litter of kittens hidden in somewhere secluded, and hopefully save from intruders.

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