Friday, June 19, 2009

Cute and Loving Abandoned Kitten

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On the faithful evening of 15 June 2009, at precisely 7:25pm, I was making my usual round of feeding the cats. Then, I stopped by at the TNB area to feed the kittens (Greyie, Snowie and Sweetie) when I suddenly heard a faint cry coming from the back lane of the Thai Muslim restaurant. Then, another faint cry but slightly louder than before. Then another soft cry was heard before it went totally silent. Without wasting another second, I went to investigate and stumbled upon a tiny kitten snuggling up behind a huge pile of soft drink cans.

I think she is about 1 1/2 months old. She is a healthy and cute looking kitten, and completely weaned. I picked her up and gave her some biscuits. At first, I was worried that she may not be able to chew them but I was totally wrong. She chewed the crunchy biscuits with her sharp teeth.

The next day, I fed her with canned kitten food. She enjoyed it so much. Half way eating, she turned to me and unexpectedly, she rolled over with her belly facing up, she grabbed my fingers and started licking and playing with them. I was astonished, and knew instantly that she is a very sweet and loving kitten. Unfortunately, the apartment rules and regulations only allow one pet per tenant and I already have a cat. Therefore, I can’t adopt her.

The following days, I gave her wet biscuits and she happily ate them. When I put her close to the water container, she was so smart to know that it was drinking water, and started drinking away.

Then, she would crawl slowly to the staircase to either sit straight up or lie down comfortably.

At times, she would watch attentively at Greyie, Snowie and Sweetie play among themselves.
I hope someone will adopt her and love her. And, I sincerely hope that she will go to a good home.

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