Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweetie Pie Still Hisses At Her Previous Kittens

Sweetie Pie got pregnant again two months after giving birth to four kittens. I took these pictures on 4 April 2009 while she was having her fish cum rice at the TNB area and on 21 April 2009 while she was resting at the covered car park after eating her biscuits.

Five days later, on 29 April 2009 I found her at the covered cark park and she had given birth. How many kittens? I don’t know for I have not discovered where she hides them. The moment she saw me, she jumped on her paws and started meowing at me. I knew she was hungry and wanted food from me. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any with me. I had to turn back home, filled a container with biscuits, went back to the car park and gave it to her.

While she was busy taking care of her newborn babies, I was busy feeding her previous growing kittens. At times, Sweetie Pie would appear at the TNB area where I fed the kittens. She was there not to check on the well being of the kittens as she still hissed very fiercely at them when they tried to approach her. I had to prevent them from getting too close to her.

As before, I had to feed her separately, far from the kittens. They would stop eating at once and crawl very warily to the staircase and settle very quietly to observe their mother eating her biscuits as shown in these pictures taken on 23 May 2009.

Undoubtedly, every time after her meal she would hiss as she took a glance at her previous kittens before she walked away from them and disappeared into the pathway.

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