Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snowie, The Remaining Sibling

Ever since the disappearance of her siblings, Sweetie and Greyie, Snowie is the remaining feline wandering about alone without having any of her siblings to play with.
Whenever she sees me, she would straighten her tail and ran toward me. I guess I am the only friend or family member she has now. I believe she knows quite well that I would feed and spend some time with her.

These pictures were taken when she had a bit of mange on her ears. I applied medicine on her ears on alternate days for about two to three weeks. I was totally elated to find that they got better by the day. I was actually very impressed that she lied down quietly and allowed me to cure her ears. She is indeed a very mild mannered cat.

She has grown into a very beautiful adult cat. A month or two ago, she was tailed by a male cat. Being her first time, she had no experience at all. She hissed and fought with him when he tried to approach and mount her. If I were around, she would hide behind me. I was her protector!

I have been checking her tummy and I don't see any sign of pregnancy. I am not sure but I don't think she is pregnant!

(Note : Names are given for easy reference only).

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