Sunday, July 4, 2010

Latest Batch of Sweetie Pie’s Babies

These were the latest batch of kittens of Sweetie Pie. They were napping on the roof top of the covered car park while I took this picture. I thought I was quiet enough not to arouse any panic among the kittens. However, one of them woke up and looked suspiciously at me.

Before I could walk away, this little kitten ran to the other side of the roof top thinking that it could hide from me. Unfortunately, it was an open area. Instead of running away again, it tilted its head up and stared at me. An opportunity to take its pictures! So, my camera phone went clicking for several times.

While taking its picture, Sweetie Pie came back to her babies. She brought home a chicken drumstick. The little black kitten started chewing on it, ignoring the clicking of my camera phone. It must be very hungry!

As Sweetie Pie comfortably lied her body down, the other two kittens went to her and started sucking. Since she knew I meant no harm to her babies and her, she allowed me to take pictures. Her babies immediately knew that I was a friend of their mommy. So, they paid no attention to my presence and continued to suck.

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