Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother Cat & Single Kitten

They used to stay at the basement car park of the apartment block which I am staying. The place was safe – safe from all kind of unexpected disturbances. The zinc roof was their favourite spot for resting or napping.

I must admit that the Mother Cat taught her baby well. There is no way I can go near him. He would hiss at me and run to hide under the walk way or the small drain each time I tried to. The mother would keep an eye on me. I have been feeding the Mother Cat and kitten for months now. Unfortunately, I can only observe them eating from a distant.
During one of my feeding rounds, at the lower ground car park, I caught Sweetie Pie being protective over her babies, hissed and growled and chased after the Mother Cat which only wanted biscuits from me. Being mild natured, the Mother Cat didn’t fight back. Instead, she scampered away.
After that particular incident, which I believe was not the first; the Mother Cat decided to move away from the basement car park. I didn’t see them for almost a week, and was anxious about their whereabouts, until I spotted them at the small rubbish dump. That stinking rubbish dump is their new home. My heart sank.
As days go by, I noticed that the Mother Cat is drawing herself away from the kitten. As suspected, the Mother Cat is pregnant. Thank goodness, she is not hostile to her baby. She merely doesn’t allow him to eat or cuddle up next to her anymore. I have no choice but to feed them separately.
The picture, taken on the evening of 9 April 2009 shows the kitten having his meal inside the rubbish dump. Whereas, the picture of The Mother Cat having her biscuits not too far from the rubbish dump was taken at 1:30am on 17 April 2009.
The kitten is very attached to his mother. I often caught him snuggled up to her when they were staying at the car park’s basement. Now that he has been neglected, and in the brink of being abandoned by the Mother Cat, this timid kitten is left alone not only without his mother’s love and care but to fend for himself. How is he going to find additional food when he dares not venture too far from the rubbish dump?



He has been suffering from eye infection for the past couple of weeks. What worst could happen to the poor kitten? He has mange all over his ears, face and paws now. It cuts my heart so deep to look at his once adorable face being ‘disfigured’ by these diseases.
What can I do? I wish I have the financial ability to send him to the vet for medication. I can only continue to feed him and pray to God for his speedy recovery.


  1. Oh poor little boy. It looks like a bad case of Mange, scabies....
    Will it be possible to give him a dip in lime and sulphur diluted with water?

  2. hi lupie

    it is definitely mange!
    the problem now is i can't find him for the past few days. I have no idea where he has gone to.

  3. hi Princess Nurul

    yes, it is indeed. That is why I am trying to raise fund to help these stray cats with the help of a friend through his own limited t-shirts sale at

    He will donate rm5 for every t-shirt (rm25) sold. So far, no sale at all. But I am still keeping a positive mind :) for the sake of these stray cats.