Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Siblings - Sweetie, Snowie & Greyie

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These are the surviving babies of Sweetie Pie. Since the day the mother abandoned them, they have been begging for food either from the Thai Muslim restaurant’s patrons or the restaurant workers when I have not make my round feeding cats. They are currently living in the staircase of an unoccupied commercial unit below the apartment which I am staying.

Sweetie is very energetic, friendly and playful. To Sweetie, his meal time is the most important part of his life. None of his siblings and almost nothing would be able to stir him away from his biscuits. He would dip his head on the container full of biscuits and eat to his heart’s content.

Once he is done eating, he would groom himself, and play with his siblings jumping about the staircase and open space. At times, if I were sitting on the stairs he would go behind trying to provoke me to play with him, or he would grab my feet pretending to bite them. If I were to show him my hands, he would ‘kiss’ my fingers joyfully. He is indeed a kitten full of zest.


Snowie is very shy and timid, sweet and mild natured. Once I gained her trust she becomes very friendly and allows me to pat her head as well as her body. She even turns her belly up for me to stroke. Sometimes, she would grab my fingers, lick and ‘kiss’ them, and using her hind legs she would kick my hands provoking me to play with her. Other times, she would sit quietly in between my feet.

Snowie takes her own sweet time to enjoy her biscuits. She would stop in between meal to groom herself. She is truly a very sweet kitten.


Among the siblings, Greyie is most friendly and playful. He loves to lick my fingers, ‘kiss’ my hands, and meows for me to pat his head and caress his body while he purrs away contentedly. Most of the time, he will look straight into my eyes and meow pleasantly, then jump slightly up trying to grab my hand indicating he wants to play.

He is not the type of cat that dashes for his food at first sight. Instead, he will only eat his biscuits if he is allowed to rub his head against my feet. After his meal, he will groom himself thoroughly prior to continue to rubbing his head against my feet or sit very intimately next to me. What a charming kitten!

(Note : Names are given to these kittens for easy reference purposes only).


  1. I used to feed a stray cat named Sweetie too ... :)

  2. hi lupie

    oh cool.. I named her Sweetie after her mom cus she looks almost exactly like her mom (Sweetie Pie) :-)