Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sweetie Pie & Her Surviving Babies

I named her Sweetie Pie. She is one of the cats which i feed on a regular basis. I may say that she is one of the earliest batches of cats found wandering about the streets when I first moved in to the apartment which I am currently staying.

She was pregnant when I took this picture on 3 Dec 2008. She finished all the biscuits I gave her. Contented, she took a rest at the pavement outside the elevator's lobby of the apartment.

When I met Sweetie Pie one afternoon, she had given birth. I had no idea where she hid her babies. She looked very thin and frail. She meowed and ran toward me when she saw me. She knew I would feed her.

About a month ago, on 10 March 2009, I caught her with her kittens resting and playing at the apartment's lower ground cark park. For the safety of her babies, she has been moving her family about until she found a place which she thought was safe for her and her kittens, and settled there for good. However, the security guard who was so used to seeing me feeding the cats told me that one of her kittens was killed by a car. I was rather upset by the news.

Anyway, look at how they enjoyed the biscuits. And how happy the mother 'breast-feeded' her babies. And how contented they were, resting on the steps of the staircase after their meal. One happy family indeed!

Unfortunately, Sweetie Pie is pregnant again. Her pregnancy has caused her to be very hostile to her existing kittens. She would hiss and run away from them. She would not allow them to get close to her at all. This leaves me no choice but to feed the mother and kittens separately.

Finally, she abandoned the poor kittens. These adorable kittens began to treat me as their 'mother' ever since then. They would come running to me, knowing I have their meals prepared. They know I would stay and wait until they finish eating. They would rub themselves against my feet and 'kiss' my hands. Without fail, I would play with them for a while before I leave them all by themselves.

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