Friday, April 3, 2009

The Least I Could Do...

They do not have a shelter over their heads which we called home. They do not have an owner who provides them with care and food daily. They do not receive the simplest act of love – a pat on the head, which our pets receive so abundantly.

I have often asked myself, ‘I have at least three meals per day. Is it too much for a cat to eat a decent meal a day?’ The answer is NO. Nobody likes to live with an empty stomach. I don’t! And, I believe cats do not like it either.

Therefore, ‘l will feed the cats,’ I told myself. ‘Let me begin by giving those cats wandering about on the streets where I live a decent meal a day.’

But, I want to do more for these cats. If possible, I want to send them for neutering when my financial ability allows me to do just so. I will not be able to give them proper care and a home now. However, I can provide them food. This is the least I could do for them, for the moment.

The Cats

These are the cats I feed on a regular basis. I didn't manage to take pictures of some of the cats for they are very cautious of my presence and camera-shy; some of them have 'migrated' to another place and never show up again.

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  1. Have not seen you for a while, you have become a big mama for those Kitty..